AL Food

Developed starting from the needs of leading food companies, AL Food is an agile vertical that elegantly solves the multiple and complex needs of this sector.

Developed starting from the needs of leading food companies, AL Food is an agile vertical that elegantly solves the multiple and complex needs of this sector.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Microsoft's ERP solution that offers small and medium-sized businesses greater control in financial and accounting management, as well as simplifying the management of supply chains, production and operations. It is quick to implement, easy to use and is able to grow with the company.

On this platform, Applibra has developed AL Food, a vertical that solves the needs of companies working in the agri-food world, from purchasing and production planning (particularly important when sales budgets are linked to campaigns for Easter and Christmas), to integrated management outlets, interfacing with scales, integrated quality management system, integration into all company processes with the management of radio frequency terminals for reading EAN 128 (GS1) codes, EDI system, to the management of agents' commissions, to end-of-year bonus contracts (GDO) to a system for the management of recipes integrated with a system for calculating the standard cost of the product, which allows to arrive at a precise calculation of product margins.

Management of commercial policies. AL Food allows you to manage a plurality of commercial channels in an advanced and effective way, first of all the large-scale retail trade, with its elaborate multi-level structure with groups, brands and points of sale. Integrated with the systems for calculating commissions and transport, this system allows you to calculate margins with great precision, starting from a single sales line, up to the turnover of an entire group.

Traceability and traceability of products. An important concept for agri-food products; for this reason AL Food offers specific functions that allow to comply with the laws in force on food safety in the best way, following the product along the entire supply chain.

Terminal management. AL Food interacts natively with the terminal applications and allows you to manage purchases, sales, transfers and inventories. The use of EAN 128 barcodes, which contain multiple information and are universally recognized in the agri-food world, allows operators to automate the insertion process right from the loading of raw materials, eliminating input errors at source, making more business processes are simple and efficient, allowing greater control and real-time updating of information on products in the warehouse.

Accessibility. Taking advantage of the modern NAV platform, AL Food is easily accessible from the web, tablet or smartphone, being able to control the company in the most convenient ways for the user.

Interfacing with external systems: AppLibra srl has developed interfaces with various platforms of the most important service providers that gravitate around the agri-food world: from systems for order collection, to systems for the management of excise duties (calculated natively by AL Food), to systems for the management of the tills, to the bidirectional interface with the scales

Quality management. Natively integrated, the system allows you to easily manage all problems related to quality.

Business Intelligence. To keep the large amount of data necessary to manage the complex world of agri-food monitored in the best possible way, AL Food provides powerful Business Intelligence tools with integration with QlikView as well as with the native potential of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.