AL Quality

In AL Quality it is possible to set up sampling plans that define the checks, the periodicity and the constraints on the measured values that must be carried out to guarantee the quality of the products.

When a product is sent into production, which is linked to a sampling plan according to its type, the set of printouts of the checks to be carried out for each operator in the different stages of production are produced.

The detections can be automatic, thanks to the integration of the module with devices that are in the production lines (for example NIR machines or seal recognition systems).

The system can therefore produce, coupled to each production batch, the certifications that the required checks have been carried out on the product and that the measured results were within the range of allowed values.

The quality system is also connected to the receipt of raw materials and allows, thanks to a connection with the credit note system, to automatically enter the reason for non-compliance which, based on the severity found, will help determine the supplier's assessment. , automatically calculated based on the frequency and severity of non-conformities found.

The certificates and non-conformities are linked both to the lot and to the plant on which the checks were carried out.

Thanks to the hierarchical plant concept, it is possible to calculate detailed statistics.